Wonderworld Toys Review.

I believe the toys market is the biggest selling market in the world. Nowadays, you can find any kind of  a toy for you kid. Unfortunately, not all the toys are safe for our little ones. They are loaded with chemicals, toxins etc.Toxic or dangerous toys can still be found on store shelves despite tough new federal regulations, according to a report released Tuesday.
For example, one vinyl toy, the Marvel Super Hero Squad Soft Shield, contained 29 times the legal limit of lead.

“That toy is recommended for ages 2 and up,” said Andrew Fish, a program associate with the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. “It really shouldn’t be recommended for anyone at that level.”

A Lamaze-brand infant play mat contained high levels of antimony, a toxic metal that has been classified as a cancer-causing agent. A Ninja Turtles Pencil Case contained high levels of phthalates and cadmium. Phthalates are chemicals suspected to cause developmental health effects. Cadmium is a toxic metal that can cause learning disabilities and kidney problems.

That’s why I always look for the least dangerous toys for my daughter. She doesn’t need to have a lot of toys, just a few, but well made and safe for her health.

One of our favorite ones are wooden toys.

Advantages of wooden toys over plastic toys

Most wooden toys tend to be more durable than plastic toys. Most plastic toys are likely to break easily, while wooden toys can last for generations. When plastic toys break, they shatter into small pieces, which can be dangerous to toddlers since they might be able to swallow them.

The surface of well-crafted wooden toys is smoother than that of plastic toys, which is another safety factor for your child. Some plastic toys also have sharp edges, which can hurt your child. Since wooden toys last longer than plastic toys, there will also be lesser waste in the environment.

Tons of plastic toys were also proven to have contained harmful chemicals, including Lead, Phthalates, and Bisphenol A (BPA). Wooden toys do not have batteries, which makes it safer since parents will be worried that their toddlers would be putting them into their mouth and be chewed.

One of the brands which I found few years ago was Wonderworld Toys.

Wonderworld takes great pride in bringing both enjoyment and education to children through high quality wooden toys that are specially designed and created for the age range of birth to five years old. For over twenty years Wonderworld has offered their products all over the world and they are recognized for excellence in design, as well as having the highest safety standards.

Wonderworld takes great consideration in the research and development of their products. To ensure that they provide only the best toys, Wonderworld conducts multiple field tests to monitor children’s behavior in relation to their play. To be sure that children are getting the most educational value from their products, Wonderland then alters their designs in accordance to test results so that their toys properly reflect children’s responses and the analysis obtained from real-life scenarios.

Wonderworld has successfully established itself among the world’s premier wooden toy brandnames. From the instant an idea for a toy is conceived on paper to moment that it eventually ends up in a child’s excited hands, Wonderworld takes pride in all that they produce.

We got our first toy Rainbow Sound Blocks when Sophia just turned 1.

  • Made from rubber wood and strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers
  • Blocks are hollow and filled with beads that produce different tones
  • Red, yellow, blue, green, purple and natural wood colors
  • Sound producing transparent colored blocks filled with beads
  • Winner of the Silver Practical Pre-School Award in 2006, and National Parenting Publications Award in 2001
  • Made from formaldehyde free glue while the packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper

She is still in love with these blocks. She loves to play music with them, build something, explore the colors, beads inside etc.


The other toywe got last summer Wonder Vacuum because Sophia was into cleaning a lot and I wanted to get her a vacuum, but not the plastic one, and I found this one. Believe it or not, but it really picks up the stuff from the floor.

The wonder vacumn is suitable for picking up small objects. It has an adjustable handle also making it easy to get to tight spaces such as underneath the table or bed. Comes with 2 pretend trash pieces. Comes with 2 trash pieces. Really picks up small objects. Encourages role play. Encourages social skills. Made in Thailand from rubberwood and strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers and formaldehyde free glue. Packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper.
This toy is a hit!!!! Every time when I clean up, Sophia uses her vacuum too, and I am glad that it’s not just a cool toy, but first of all it’s a well made, safe toy for my daughter.  
If you are still considering what to get for your kids for Christmas, Wonderworld Toys might be the perfect choice.