Healthy Surprise Monthly Box. March 2014.

Today  would like to share with you my experience with my favorite monthly box subscription: Healthy Surprise. This is the best monthly subscription box for me so far.

I wrote one review about them before, but it was my first time trying them, and after a few more boxes I can say they are the best in the market with monthly delivering healthy snacks and treats.

Healthy Surprise is a monthly service that delivers packages of vegan, gluten-free, all natural snacks directly to customers’ doors. Each month the boxes boast a different assortment of large and small, sweet and savory snacks – introducing customers to a variety of new products and brands. Products are thoroughly vetted to ensure their ingredients and business practices demonstrates a dedication to health, quality, and sustainability.

Healthy Surprise is simple – choose from 3 box sizes.
Snacks include dried fruits, nuts and trail mixes, bars, crackers, chocolates like dark coco espresso beans, kale chips and varieties changing each month. It never gets old.

I am trying to avoid packaging food recently, but guess why I trust Healthy Surprise? THEY READ THE LABELS!!!!! All their snacks are: gluten free, corn free, plant based, wheat free, gmos free, natural.

I got my box at the beginning of March and we finished the snacks in 3 days, but I still want to write my review about them and maybe somebody will find new and healthy snacks for themselves.


Here is what my box looked like this time:


1. Just Pure Foods Kalenola Chocolate.

Value 8$.

I would call it Kale Granola. Sounds crazy, but it actually tastes good. They recommend to serve it with nut milk, but I ate it as a snack. This is crunchy, delicious, healthy to go snack for me.

2.Samai Plantain Chipsin Pacific Seasalt.

Value 6$.

Let me be honest with you. I didn’t like these chips at all. They are great for somebody who really loves potato chips, but for me they were too oily and too salty.

3.The Daily Crave Veggie Chips.

Value 1.50$

We tried these chips before and they taste great.

4.Nibnacks Under the Boardwalk.

Value 2$.

Delicious, natural dried fruit snack. Who doesn’t like dried fruit? I always use them as a candy for my daughter and she loves it.

5.Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix.

Value 1.50$.

Delicious Trail Mix. Works great on the go, travelling or quick snack. I love “Enjoy Life”, because all their products are gluten, soy, GMOs free.

6.Trophy Arms Roasted Almonds.

Value 2.50$.

I didn’t have a chance to try those, because Sophia finished them in no time( she loves almonds). But I prefer raw nuts, so I am not sure if I will buy these again.


Value 1.20$

Delicious chips are made of beans. Great alternative to the regular potato chips. They taste great.

8.Danielle. Royal Sweet Potato Chips.

Value 5.00$

I can live on those. These are the best healthy chips that I’ve ever tried.


Value 1.25$

One of my favorite snacks. I tried a lot of flavors, but onion is my number 1.

10. Oloves. Pitted Green Olives with Lemon and Garlic.

Value 2$.

I don’t usually buy olives, but these were so delicious. I can’t find them in the store though.

11.That’s It. Fruit Bar.

Value 1.25

We didn’t try it yet, but we are going on vacation in a few weeks so will definetely take it with us.

12. Theo Chocolate Bar.

Value 2.00$

The only chocolate I buy because of the ingredients list: organic, no soy, no GMOs.

I also got 25$ Gift Card to shop with Healthy Surprise!!!!


So this is a monthly subscription box with the option of 3 sizes. This was the smallest box labeled Starter Box that is meant to feed 1-2 people. All the snacks are full.

The boxes are on the pricey side. This box goes for $40 (free USA shipping) and the largest box with 27+ full size snacks goes for $95 I guess the idea is to have all healthy snacks that are not so easy to get your hands on come right to your house so you pay a little for the convenience and variety. I think these would be a super gift to give pretty much anyone. I know if a friend send me a box of snacks I’d be super stoked.

If you decide to try them here is a link to their website:

One more thing for Chocolate Lovers: Now you can order the monthly box full of natural, organic CHOCOLATE from Healthy Surprise. I can’t wait to try it!!!!!


This post was sponsored by Healthy Surprise.









Bestowed Box review.

Today I would like to share with you my experience with BESTOWED BOX.

It is the other monthly healthy products subscription program.

Bestowed is the creation of nationally recognized nutritionist and author Heather Bauer,author of two top selling books; The Wall Street Diet (Hyperion 2008) and most recently, Bread is the Devil (St. Martin’s Press 2012).

Each month, Heather and her team of health and diet experts carefully curate 5 product samples that have caught their attention. Items like nutrition bars, snacks, breakfast cereals, and supplements are just a few of the categories considered.

Bestowed members receive these samples in a box every month. It will give you the chance to try new healthy snacks and supplements, see if it works for you and in the future use them.
I got my box pretty fast and couldn’t wait to open it.
What was inside?
Balance Bar. Dark Chocolate.
This Bar is the perfect option for satisfying your sweet tooth, without any guilt.
I was not really happy to see this bar, because it has soy in it, but in general it is the great afternoon or post work out snack option.
Seasnax Roasted Seaweed.
This roasted seaweed snack is vegan, gluten free, and Non GMO Project verified. Seasnax contains nutrients from iron to calcium and a plethora of B vitamins.
Seaweed is naturally high in iodine, which can stimulate the thyroid, increasing metabolism and burning extra calories.
I love, love this snack!!!! You can use it as chips or add it to your soup or salad. It has only 16 calories a packet, and it works great when you feel hungry late at night.
Artisana Organic Acai Berry Nut Butter.
It combines the vitamin-rich “superfood” Acai Berry with the creamy cashew butter spread. They always use only fresh and raw ingredients.
I love their products, but I am not the fan of this nut butter. it just tastes weird for me.
California Olive Ranch. Olive Oil.
California Olive Ranch is certified extra virgin from the california Olive Oil Council. The protective green bottle keeps the sustainably grown olives fresher longer than many other olive oils.
It is a good olive oil, and I might purchase it later in full size.
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.
These tiny seeds are loaded with protein and vitamins. They are great way to add essential omegas and protein into your daily diet.
I love these Hemp Seeds and I use them all the time: in my salads, shakes, desserts, baking etc.
Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods.
It was a coupon for the free item for the Dr. Praeger’s sensible foods.Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Peter Praeger and his medical partner Dr. Eric Somberg created this line . Their products are  veggie burgers, fish sticks, kids veggie bites, veggie pancakes etc. They use the natural ingredients and have the gluten-free products too. Their products cost is around 5-6$, so with this coupon you get the free box of your choice.
Way Better Snacks. Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips.
These sprouted chips are Non GMO Project verified, gluten-free. They are high in omega 3’s, antioxidants and other vital nutrients, and all are low in sodium and saturated fat.
If you like chips, you ‘d better go with this choice. They taste good with any dip, salsa or guacamole.
How it works:
  • Select your membership type (monthly or annual), then click join!
  • Boxes ship to arrive on the 15th of every month
  • Shipping is included in the prices – monthly is $19 billed monthly, annually is $209 billed annually, and you can cancel at any time
  • Currently Bestowed ships via USPS and within the US only

A big thank you to Bestowed for providing me with the opportunity to review a monthly box!  I hope to try more of their subscription products again sometime.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this post, but I was provided free products in exchange for writing this review.  All opinions are my own.