Dress up set for the Felt Board.

I made felt board for Sophia few month ago, and she liked it a lot. Recently she is more interested with dressing up, changing her dolls and all her games are about dresses and clothes. So I came up with idea to make her the felt dress up set.


I found some cute ideas on one of the blogs. This girl even has cut up pieces for the set already.

I printed out the cutting pieces and used some felt, ribbons and beads I made plenty of clothes pieces for the felt dolls.

Felt Doll-1Felt Doll1

I am still in process of making more pieces, because as you know there is never enough dresses for any girl:), but it looks like Sophia enjoys playing with her new game and change her felt dolls every ten minutes.

6846469This is a great idea for the presents for the coming holidays, because it’s really easy to make and it will definitely make your daughter happy and excited.


Copying mommy:)