Fall in colors. Part 1

We have been to many places for the last couple of weeks, and I just want to share our Connecticut fall with you. It is really very pretty and super warm this year.

We went to the local farm to pick up apples and had a great time that day.



When I look at these pictures I feel like my favorite color is orange, my favorite flavor is pumpkin, my favorite season is fall.



We picked a lot of apples and I am going to share some apple recipes here soon.



Feeding the animals is my kid’s favorite part


These three little pigs always make me smile:


Here are some more fall colors:






I wish we could live in the fall forever.

September 2013.

A lot of things happened during the last month. I love the beginning of fall, and this fall is warm and beautiful.  You enjoy the warm sunny days with pretty red, yellow, orange leaves on the trees. We still spend a lot of time outside and try to catch as much sunshine as we can.

Our September is pictures:

First Sophia’s haircut:



It went smooth and she really liked it.

Sophia started preschool:


So far she loves it, and asks to go there every day. If she is happy, I am happy too:)

Trip to the local zoo:


I can’t say she is a big fan of zoo ( me neither), but we really had a great time and I saw foxes and wolves in real for the first time in my life.

Beach Days:


We didn’t really spend a lot of time at the beach this summer, so we are trying to do it now, before the real cold comes.

Local Green Exhibition.

It was a fun day for the family. My hubby had a chance to have a test-drive of electric cars, we found new interesting healthy products, saw some farmer’s animals and enjoyed healthy lunch.



Open House Party.

One of our friends recently finished one of her projects. She renovated a very unique house and invited us for a little party. She did a great job and we really had fun that day.


Also we tried a lot of new healthy foods ( most of them homemade), spend a lot of family time together, watched nice movies, meet with our friends and just enjoyed the first month of the fall.