Indoor Rowing.

What’s you favorite kind of cardio? What kind of cardio do you do to stay active and slim?

A lot of people recently stopped doing cardio and do only weight training, but I personally believe in importance of cardio, and even I am not a big fan of it, I still do it, and feel great after every cardio session.

I picked two kinds of cardio that I really enjoy: running and rowing.

I started rowing around one year ago. Why? When I came to the gym to work out, I always saw the girls from the rowing class who looked slim, athletic and super fit. From that time I added rowing to my regular workout sessions.


Here are top 7 best reasons to hop on a rowing mashing and get moving below:

1. No half-body workouts here. It’s the only full-body cardio machine, engaging over 20 muscle groups in the legs, core, shoulders and arms.


2. Want to become a better all-around athlete? Fast-twitch fibers engaged during a rowing stroke promote muscle growth and explosive power transferable to many other sports and activities.

3. The low-impact nature of this easy-to-learn movement causes little to no stress on joints.

4. Rowing promotes better posture, joint health and flexibility by stretching the muscles of the core, upper and lower back, while allowing a full range of motion for people of all ages and sizes.

5. Would you like to continue burning fat AFTER a workout? Rowing raises the heart rate quickly, increasing the after burn effect-the state of elevated metabolism post-workout.

6. Want an alternative for your long runs? Rowing is an ideal cross-training and functional movement for all types of athletes, particularly runners, as it preserves joints while training for a race.

7. Short on time? Hop on the rower and burn 15 cal a minute. The combination of strength and cardiovascular conditioning in one movement makes rowing a model of efficiency.


It’s up to you which workout works for you, but I am on my way to the gym now to hit my rowing session today.

Stay fit and slim!!!!

Aerobics and Weight Lifting.


Traditional fitness and exercise gurus have often slammed weightlifting as having a minimal impact on cardiovascular health and overall health, because of its lack of being an aerobic exercise. Current medical thinking has not only debunked this myth, with several studies that prove there is an aerobic content to general weightlifting, there is now also a whole school of thoughts among the workout community that could be considered aerobic weightlifting.

Aerobic weightlifting combines the best of traditional weightlifting exercises and techniques, with traditional cardio workouts, for improved overall health and fitness.

Traditional weightlifting or weight training insist on a rest period between each set of exercise. Aerobic weightlifting borrows from philosophy of circuit training. It means keep moving don’t stop, move from one exercise to the next one without a rest period. This increases the need for blood infused oxygen to power you muscles, and forces the lungs and hearts to work harder, effectively an aerobic work out.

This method works great if you workout at home, because you don’t have to move from one weightlifting machine to the other one, change weight plates on your barbels, and you can get the cardio benefit by doing a little traditional aerobic exercise between sets, like skipping rope.

My fitness inspiration trainer Jillian Michaels is the best for me with her aerobic weightlifting workout sessions. I have a lot of her dvds at home. When I started my fitness journey after pregnancy, I worked out at home with her videos, and lost 8 inches on my waist for the first 3 weeks.

The other benefits of aerobic weightlifting.

You will find that you will be less sore after doing this kind of exercises. This type of weightlifting promotes the removal of toxins and poisons in the body. During a traditional weightlifting workout when the muscles are at rest during the rest cycle, these toxins are given the ability to build up in the muscles, by keeping the blood moving with aerobics, they are more likely to be flushed out.

Aerobic weightlifting can break the monotony of a traditional weightlifting routine. Aerobic weightlifting through circuit training can help introduce people to weightlifting who otherwise felt it was not for them.

By working out with aerobic styled weightlifting you really do achieve the best of both goals, you can get all of the cardiovascular and fat burning benefits of traditional aerobics, and build up of a lean muscle mass, increase strength and stamina of traditional weightlifting, all in one workout.