Cherry Cheesecake

I made this cake yesterday, and it is really amazing!!!!! The most delicious and the easiest dessert to make!!!! No sugar used!!!!

Savor Pizza. Local Eats.

Before I started my healthy way of living, me and my husband went out regularly and tried different places.

After my daughter was born, a lot changed. I started watching what we are eating, learnt more about food, health, changed a lot in our diet and step by step we ended up going to a few local places who we really trust.

It might sound too boring for somebody, but to be honest we don’t really have a lot of time to go out, and if we do, we want to eat the fresh, delicious healthy food.

One of my favorite place in our area is Savor Pizza.

This place is UNIQUE!!!!

First of all, if you are looking for a fancy restaurant, don’t go there. This place is just a regular pizza place with a few tables inside and 2 tables outside.

If you are looking for the regular thick crust with pepperoni and  tons of cheese, don’t go there. This place serves the most delicious healthy pizza with organic ingredients, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Delicious and guilt-free food! They’re strictly healthy, but also strictly delicious!

Savor Healthy Pizza makes naturally delicious healthy gourmet pizza, pasta-style entrees, salads, and wraps. They’re all 100% HAND-MADE DAILY from NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients, including their unique thin pizza crusts and sandwich wraps!

Order a wonderful prepared pizza to freeze (Have it delivered!) and bake later! And add a hot pizza with delivery to enjoy today and save the prepared pizza for later!

They support environmentally-conscious vendors and local farmers of natural and organic produce.

Rex and Val ( the owners, super warm and inviting couple) cook everything in front of you, so you can easily see what you will eat!!!!!

My favorite pizza is made of almond crust!!!!! This is the most delicious pizza I have ever tried.

If you are on a diet and worry about calories, you can check the nutrition facts on their website.

Their fresh made smoothies and sugar free dessert taste unbelievable!!!

For people who likes to have a glass of wine with their food: they don’t serve alcohol, but you are allowed to bring your own, and enjoy it with their delicious dishes:)

If you decide to go there you won’t be disappointed, because these people do magic in their kitchen!!!!

Unfortunately my pictures are not the best from this place, because I am always too busy to enjoy my food there, but I will still share one of them with you:


Savor Healthy Organic Pizza Facebook Page

Savor Healthy Pizza

430 Main Ave
Norwalk, CT 06851
Phone: (203) 939-1666


Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Cashew Cream

Coconut and Berries

Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Cashew Cream (GF)

I just did a quick search on my blog and it seems ginger is one of my favourite ingredients, included in all these recipes and more…

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Coconut Dahl

Kabocha, Spinach, Brown Rice & Miso Broth

Ethiopian-Style Yellow Split Pea & Butternut Stew

Tofu, Miso, Udon Noodle Soup

Cauliflower “Fried Rice” with Grilled Asian Tofu

Ginger Cashew Tempeh with Sugar Snap Peas

Double Ginger Choc Chunk Muffins

Does anyone notice something amiss about that list though…?

Only one of them is a sweet recipe!
Gingerbread cookies are probably my favourites and seeing those gingerbread men popping up all over the blogosphere woke up my desire for something gingerbread-y. I would love to make a gingerbread house one day but I think I need to cultivate a little more patience before I attempt to do so. Gingerbread cake sounded like a safe bet instead.

Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Cashew Cream (GF)

This cake is somewhat…

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8 Tips to Treat Colds and Flu the ‘Natural’ Way






With no cure in sight for the cold or the flu, over-the-counter treatments can at best bring symptom relief or shorten the duration of those symptoms. Or you can take the natural approach. WebMD explores some home remedies that may help you feel better along the way.

No. 1: Blow Your Nose Often — and the Right Way

It’s important to blow your nose regularly when you have a cold rather than sniffling mucus back into your head. But when you blow hard, pressure can cause anearache. The best way to blow your nose: Press a finger over one nostril while you blow gently to clear the other. Wash your hands after blowing your nose.

No. 2: Stay Rested

Resting when you first come down with a cold or the flu helps your body direct its energy toward the immune battle. This battle taxes the…

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To Genetically Modify, or to Not Genenetically Modify? The Question Continues…

Great explanation about GMOs!!!!

Honk If You're Vegan


When I heard that foods were being modified to produce their own pesticides, I became concerned. That just sounds SO unhealthy! Still, I have to admit that I know little about GMO’s. So today I’m sharing a GMO guest post by writer, Sandra Mills. I’m curious about what she has to say.

To Genetically Modify, or to Not Genetically Modify? The Question Continues… by Sandra Mills

GMO. Non-GMO. To play with nature or not. Are there benefits? What are the drawbacks? The debate has raged since the first use of genetic modification in 1996. And yet, many more people are becoming aware of this formerly scientific debate as our product packaging is now changing to promote one or the other. Most people are confused, and rightly so.

Pesticide and large agricultural companies tell us one thing, small farmers and independent researchers tell us another. The health world has studies for…

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Liebster Award 2.

Today I have been nominated to the other Liebster Award by Food, Fitness and Folly.

Thank you again for the nominee and nice words about my blog. It means a lot to me.


What is Liebster Award?

Liebster Award highlights blogs that have less than 200 followers as a way to recognize new and upcoming blogs. I am so honored to be apart of this group of nominees.

After being nominated, each nominee must:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.

3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

Here are the questions from Food, Fitness and Folly:

1. What brought you to your health/fitness/foodie journey?

After my baby was born I decided to change my life completely. First it was about loosing post pregnancy weight, but it turned to the long and challenging journey about becoming fit, healthy and happy person.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world to try a new food where would it be?

Spain. Barcelona.

3. What is your absolute favorite workout routine – share it!

I really like Jillian Michael’s workout sessions. They kick you ass and make you strong!!!

4. Share a link for your favorite recipe – either your own or another’s.

Grilled Peaches Spring Rolls. I can eat them every day.

5. Foodies- who is your biggest food inspiration blog? Fitness Buffs- who is your biggest fitness inspiration blog?

ThisRawsome Vegan Life. Amazing girl with amazing recipes.

I don’t really have any particular fitness inspiration blog, because I like a lot of them, but two of the women who inspired me is definitely Jillian Michaels and Kimberly Snyder.

6. What is your favorite relaxing activity?

Shopping, Cooking, Reading.

7. So far in your life, what is a lesson you’ve learned or motto you live by?

Be nice to people and they will pay you off.

8. Why blogging?

I like to share useful information with people and help them to find the healthy choice.

9. Favorite breakfast food?

Omelet. But honestly, I didn’t have it for a while already. My breakfast is just green smoothie, and I am happy with it.

10. Favorite outdoor activity?

Running, Jogging.

Bloggers I nominate:

Vedged Out.

Make Mine Meatless.

Mom in the Muddle.


 Freckles in my eyes. 

Momma, Mom, Mommy.

Megan Bullen-Health and Wellness Coach.

A Pinch, A Dash, And A Dollop.

I am going to be lazy this time, and use the same questions as I used for my other nominations:

Questions for my nominations:

1. What’s your favorite thing to wear?

2.What’s your favorite holiday?

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?

4. Veggies or fruits?

5. If you could pack a suitcase to anywhere right now, what would you pack and where would you go?

6. Have you ever lived in another country? Where and for how long?

7. What are your 5 must-have foods?

8. What is one of your biggest regrets?

9. What do you want your legacy to be?

10. What is your dream job?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s responses!!!