Is your cosmetic safe?

The number of chemicals that you put on your skin and that are on their way into your body is amazing! What you put on in the shower can affect things beyond how your arms smell.

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? Most of the things that you put on your skin get absorbed and go into your body. Some of them stay near the surface, while others get absorbed into your blood stream and travel throughout your whole system.

When we talk about safe cosmetics, we aren’t just talking about make-up. The national campaigns for safe cosmetics talk about every personal product that you put on your body: deodorant, make-up, shampoo and conditioner, hair gel, nail polish, toothpaste, sunscreen, aftershave, cologne, the list goes on and on. Any personal care product or beauty product that girls or boys use is referred to as a cosmetic.

How can your shampoo or body wash not be safe when it’s supposed to help you stay clean? Right. The whole point of cosmetics – from toothpaste to sunscreen to chapstick – is to help you clean and protect your body. Unfortunately, in the past few decades, there have been large rises in chronic (long-lasting) diseases and changes in the way our bodies work.

Many scientists think that changes in our health – such as the increase in long-lasting diseases like cancer, puberty starting earlier, or reproductive problems in adult women – may be partly caused by all of the chemicals that we are exposed to every day.

How can this happen? Part of the reason is that there’s not enough government regulation in the cosmetic industry. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the same types of laws for things that we put on our body as it does for the things that we put in our body.

Without the government telling companies what they can and can’t put in their products, many companies pick chemicals that make their products smell better or look glossier without thinking about the health impacts of all those chemicals.

Safe Cosmetics are made from ingredients that have not been linked to cancer or birth defects. Doctors and environmental experts recommend that you avoid putting the chemicals listed below in your body.

Check around your house and see if any of your favorite cosmetics contain chemicals on this list.

  1. Butyl Acetate: prevents nail polish from chipping
  2. Butylate Hydroxytoluene: prevents colors from fading and changing too quickly
  3. Coal Tar: dissolves dead skin cells and controls itching in shampoo and hair dye
  4. Cocamide/Lauramide DEA: causes foaming in shampoo and bath products
  5. Formaldehyde: disinfectant and preservative in deodorant, nail polish, soap, shampoo, shaving cream
  6. Diazolidinyl Urea: helps the disinfectants (like formaldehyde) work
  7. Ethyl Acetate: liquid in nail polish, mascara, tooth whitening, perfume
  8. Parabens: group of chemicals that are preservatives and don’t allow bacteria to grow in your cosmetics
  9. Petrolateum (Petroleum): makes lipsticks shine, creams smooth, and softens skin
  10. Treithanolamine: keeps lotions, shaving cream, soaps, shampoos, and bath powders from clumping
  11. Triclosan: prevents bacteria on your hands from growing in your cosmetics, like on bars of soaps or deodorant
  12. Toluene: liquid part of nail polish and hair dye that makes it stick to your hair and nails and look glossy
  13. Talc: absorbs moisture and prevents powders like eye shadow, blush, deodorant from clumping in the containers
  14. Sodium Laureth Sulfate: helps the cosmetics stick to your skin
  15. Propylene glycol: keeps products from melting when it is too hot or freezing when it is too cold
  16. Phthalates: keeps color and scents dissolved in the nail polish, perfume, hair spray, and others

Safe cosmetics do not contain these chemicals (and many others). Check the label on the back of your cosmetics containers to see if your product is safe!

Here is my top 5 safe cosmetic list, that I regularly use:

1. Tarte Cosmetics Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara 0.24 oz.


An Amazonian clay smart mascara that instinctively treats your unique lash concerns- working overtime to keep lashes hydrated, intact, healthier, and stronger, while delivering the appearance of voluminous lashes.

Formulated without : parabens, mineral oil,   phthalates,  sodium lauryl sulfates, gluten.

My favorite mascara!!!!! I have very sensitive eyes, and with this mascara I’ve never gotten any problems!!!!

2. Organic Lavender Remover


This ORGANIC nail polish remover is soybean oil based and derived from American farm crops. It is packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials and is NON TOXIC and NON CARCINOGENIC.

It is on sale in Whole Foods now, so you can get it for 50% off.

They also have great non-toxic nail polishes, that I am planning to try.

3. Mineral Fusion Natural Nail Polish, Citrus Cove, 0.33 Ounce


Mineral Fusion is dedicated to making nail care healthy and effective while contributing to the wellbeing of our community.

Free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and butyl phthalate.

This nail polish on last at Whole Foods now too.

4. Desert Essence Soft Curls Hair Cream Coconut — 6.4 fl oz


Made without:Animal Derived Ingredients or Animal Testing, Parabens, Artificial Dyes, Petroleum Compounds including Mineral Oil,Petrolatum and Paraffin,SLS,PEGS, PPG, MEA, DEA or TEA,Glycols,Phthalates,EDTA.

Add a soft, weightless bounce to curls with this feather-light natural leave-in conditioner. Just a small amount of this silicone-free cream softens and moisturizes curly hair, making it silky smooth to the touch. Infused with 5 desert derived botanicals and coconut oil to strengthen hair and repair damage from environmental stressors and styling.

5. Elma and Sana 100 % Pure Organic Argan Oil Cold Pressed Virgin, Golden, 2 Ounce

Elma and Sana golden argan oil 1 oz blue glass bottle with dropper 100% natural raw cosmetic argan oil is the perfect oil for the face, body, hair, and nails. Ideal for all skin and hair types, argan oil improves skin hydration. This non-greasy formula is fragrance-free and organically cold-pressed. Made from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree, It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty ideal for all skin and hair types. Improve skin’s hydration. Non-greasy 100% raw organic cold pressed. 100% natural fragrance free. Benefits, Non-greasy, fast absorbing and moisturizes softens and nourishes eliminates frizz and adds shine to hair strengthen soft and brittle nails imported directly from ecocert certified women’s cooperatives from morocco.

The best skin moisturizer!!!!!


In my previous post I named the supplements that I take every day.

This time I want to talk more detailed about enzymes. Why is it important to take enzymes every day? What do they do to your body?


Enzymes are very important to our health and beauty. Over the years, our enzyme reserve becomes diminished. Therefore, our body may not be digesting foods, even properly combined food, as well as it once did when we were children. We know that any amount of poorly digested food ferments and putrefied in the digestive tract, stimulating the growth of unfriendly bacteria and the creation of their toxic, acidic by-product and waste, which then become absorbed into the blood and deposited in tissues all around the body, especially soft-tissue areas, such as the joints. Toxins in the blood also negatively affect our skin and our physical appearance.

Digestive enzymes are therefore a critical aid to us. They can be taken daily and right before meals and should be ingested before any meal that contains cooked food. They give our bodies an extra boost of lipase, amylase and protease, to help efficiently digest fats, starches and proteins. We could all use the boost.

Here are some of their specific benefits:

1. Improve the absorption and assimilation of Beauty Minerals and nutrients;

2. Help to slow the aging process by preserving the body’s own enzymes;

3. Promote efficient digestion;

4. Free up Beauty Energy to rebuild and replace damaged cells, including the collagen of the skin;

5. Increase energy;

6. Enhance cleansing, which can improve acne and other imbalances;

7. Decrease bloating, gassiness and constipation.

When you choose a digestive enzyme supplements, be sure to look for one that is vegan and plant-based, rather than one that contains enzymes from bovine animals ( cows or oxen) or other animals or animal products. Plant enzymes may be more active at a fuller pH range than animal-based enzymes. Choose a supplement that contains a blend of lipase, amylase and protease, to help efficiently digest fats, starches and proteins. Cellulase is another category of digestive enzymes and can also be useful in a supplement, as it breaks down cellulose and chitin, a fiber similar to cellulose that is found in the cell wall of candida.

There are a lot of food contains enzymes too.



” Beauty Detox Food” by Kimberly Snyder.

Natural Beauty Products.

Today I want to talk about one of the most favorite topic for all the women: Beauty. Body care. Skin care. Hair care. As you already see I am the person who is trying to use the least toxic products. I never stop looking for the new natural lines of skin care, body care, baby care etc., because those products really make the HUGE difference in your appearance, your health, energy, feelings.
There are a lot of brands who are making the eco friendly products, or trying to make them and sell them as the ones, and some of them I truly enjoy, but today I would like to talk about one of the Russian Organic Cosmetic Brand, that probably is unknown in US. NATURA SIBERICA.
Andrey Trubnikov founded Natura Siberica in 2009 in Moscow—but its indirect beginnings actually date back to the 1940s in Siberia. That’s when two Russian botanists named Lazarev and Brekhram investigated 4,000 plants indigenous to Siberia’s volatile climate—many of which had been used by Siberians to create beauty elixirs for the Russian royal family throughout history.

Some of these unique plants actually survived the Ice Age by adapting to and thriving in the most severe conditions. As a result, the botanists discovered that these plants possess rare qualities that help to enhance our general well being and slow the skin’s own aging process.

Today, Natura Siberica offers a comprehensive health and beauty collection made with these same wild-harvested Siberian herbs. In addition to a whopping 22 different herbs, the luxuriously effective face and body products are formulated with exclusive bases (including Siberian pine oil and sea-buckthorn) to enhance the active ingredients in each product. To boot, they are all certified as organic by the ICEA, Italy’s main natural and organic certification organization.

Rare, unique and results-oriented, Natura Siberica has turned a Siberian beauty secret into a natural skincare sensation. You can easily buy this cosmetic through the internet.

Hair care.

I used to have a lot of problems with my hair. After the pregnancy I lost TONS of hair, it became super dry and looked unhealthy. I made a few efforts to save it, but nothing really helped( used coconut oil, grapeseed oil, burdock oil etc.) I also tried Lush products, Giovanni, Dessert Essence, and didn’s see any change. And then one day I just ordered Natura Siberica shampoo and conditioner and decided to give it a try.

NATURAL & ORGANIC Hair Shampoo “Volume & Care” for All Hair Types with Pinus Pumila, Lungwort, Organic Herb Extracts 400 ml (Natura Siberica)

And it has been a year already since I started using it. I am in love with the hair series, it healed my hair and made it look pretty and healthy.

So after using their hair line, I decided to try the skin line too. Why I made this choice? Because this cometic is 95% organic, with afordable prices and great results.

Skin Care.

I have been using a few things recently:

ACTIVE ORGANICS – Light Day Cream “Moistening & Protection” Based on Organic Lavender Water, Apricot, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Proteins, Vitamin E, 50ml (Natura Siberica)

Works great for me. The texture is very light, makes my skin soft and glowing.

Night Face Cream “Nutrition and Regeneration” with Oils and Organic Extracts 50ml

Adds the perfect combination for the day cream. These two creams are my MUST HAVES now!!!!!

ACTIVE ORGANICS – Living Vitamins for Hair and Body – Instant Moisturizing 125 ml (Natura Siberica)

This spray makes my day. It easily moisturizes my skin and gives it a pleasant unbelievable smell and glow. You can use it all day long, specially in summer. Just put it in your bag and use it anytime, to look fresh and beautiful.

NATURAL & ORGANIC Enriched Face Tonic “Anti-Age” with Ginseng, Meadowsweet, Amaranth and Organic Herb Extracts 200 ml (Natura Siberica)

I use this tonic every night and every morning to clean my skin. Works great, effectively cleans my skin and makes it look fresh.

I guess I am going to explore and try more products from Natura Siberica but for now I am so happy to finally find the perfect organic afordable cosmetic for myself.


I am so happy to find this site one day, because it really saves my money and time. Yes, they have EVERYTHING!!!! From the toothpaste to the gluten free crackers. Shopping at the healthy grocery store sometimes is expensive, and this is when you need VITACOST.

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