Winter girl’s clothes wishlist.

Every season there is something in the fashion field that I really like. I will try to make a list of my favorite pieces now, to keep it organised and easy to find when I want to buy something. I like to check the lists like that from the other people too, so maybe mine will be a help for somebody as well.

Collage wish list

So let’s go:

1. Polarn O. Pyret Merino Wool Dress.

How cool is that? Perfect to wear as a layering item or warm fashion piece. 100% merino wool.

2. Polarn O. Pyret Swedish Embroidered Holiday Dress.

Swedish folk style with short capped sleeves. Decorative contrast color Broderie Anglaise detail at skirt. Dress has back button fastening.100% cotton.

3. NextDirect Frozen T-shirt.

The most popular theme for the last year. It’s hard to find some nice piece of clothes with Frozen on it today. 65% cotton, 35% polyester. I am not really happy with the material of this shirt.

4. TeaCollection Chevron Dress for Girls.

Stylish and wellmade dress for girls. 100% cotton sateen.

5. NextDirect Cream Jewel Embellished Coat.

Fancy, stylish coat for a little lady for this winter season. 50% wool, 50% polyester. Lining 100% polyester.

6. NextDirect Pewter Glitter Long Boots.

Show me the girl who doesn’t like glitter? These boots will look great with jeans, dresses, leggings etc.

Upper: textile. Lining and sock: textile/other materials. Outer sole: other materials.

Clean Out Bag from ThredUp and Polarn O. Pyret.

I have been cleaning our closets recently before the holidays. Spring is here, and I went through my daughter’s and my clothes and found a big pile of stuff that we don’t wear anymore. Usually I just pack it in boxes and put it in storage. Later, I will give it away to my friends or donate it.

One of my friend ordered some stuff from Polarn O. Pyret for her daughter and got a Clean Out Bag from them. They are doing a promo for Earth Day and let you to send the used clothes to ThredUp ( consignment service) for free and get the store credit at POP instead of it.  She told me about it. Was I surprised? Yes!!! I decided to use this servise and get rid of some clothes that we don’t wear anymore.


I contacted POP ( for bags and got them in 2 days. I got some extra ones, so I guess I will share them to my friends. On Saturday me and Sophia packed the stuff. She was a big help and I told her we will get some store credit for the clothes and can go to the store and pick new dresses for her( she loves dresses).






Here is a little instruction how the promotion works. ( you can also find the instruction on the package when you get your bags).

Clean Out and ThredUP

What am I to do with the polka-dot bag?

Fill the bag up with freshly-washed, name-brand clothing with no signs of wear or tear. (This is important for maximizing what credit you receive.) Before you send the bag, you must register the bag. If you don’t register the bag, you may not get your credit. There is a handy link to register the bag on the bag itself.
How much Polarn O. Pyret credit do I receive when I send in a bag?

Customers can earn 10-40% of the resale value of accepted clothing as Polarn O. Pyret credit. If you need an idea of what you may earn, they have sample bags listed on their website. It really depends on what you send and how well it has been maintained.
Once I have filled the bag with name brand clothing, then what?

Leave it on your doorstep or near your mailbox for your mailman (or lady) to pick up or you can drop it off at USPS or UPS. thredUP processes the clothing in its facility and they will notify you on how much you will receive for the bag. 
Your clothes will then be resold on thredUP’s online consignment shop.
How long does the process take?

It can take 1 to 2 weeks for thredUP to receive your bag from USPS/UPS. They will send a confirmation email so you know they received it. Then, it typically takes an additional 5-10 business days to review your items at their offices. Upon review, they’ll send another email about your credit. It then takes Polarn O. Pyret another 5-7 days to receive that information and process the gift certificate.
Is thredUP the right way for me to consign my items?

thredUP has strict quality standards and typically accepts 40-50% of the clothing they receive. For many parents, the convenience of just packing it up and shipping it off is enough, especially for our urban customers who are limited in storage space. Please note that thredUP is not looking for items from lower-end shops where the price point begins is than $20.


Anyone who wants a ThredUp bag for themselves can contact Polarn O. Pyret at and a bag will be sent to you absolutely free! They will send as many bags as you want!

What better for Earth Day? Recycle those duds in your kids’ closets which they have outgrown! Send to online second hand store ThredUp and get credit back to spend at Sweden’s leading children’s wear brand Polarn O. Pyret!!!


Polarn O.Pyret kids’ clothes Review.

I am always looking for a good quality, nice and pretty clothes for my daughter. As you know there are multiple choices of brands in US, and sometimes you can’t really decide what to buy for your kids, because how you will know about quality of the clothes, if you’ve never worn it before. It happened to me so many times at the beginning, when I was pregnant and at the first months after my daughter was born.

I came to the store and like some pieces so much. I bought them and when it came to wear them, it lasted us a month ( I saw little holes after a few washing or it worn out pretty fast etc). But you learn with experience and I got the most important lesson:

“It’s better to get a few good quality pieces, than a lot cheap ones.”

One day I was searching on the internet and found Polarn.O.Pyret website:


I got in love from the first sight.

Polarn O. Pyret is a Swedish kids’ clothing brand (pronounced ‘Pole Arn Oh Pier Et’ in case you were wondering) with a few stores and online store in US. It translates to “Buddy and the little guy” from Swedish.

If you are from the other country, you can still order from their online store, you just need to ship it to a domestic  US address. They work with a bunch of freight forwarders who can get the order to any country.   The customer service is very friendly and helpful.

My sister from Ukraine got her order in 2 weeks.

Polarn O. Pyret makes incredibly high quality products. They wash well, no bleeding or discoloration, they wear well, you can pull and tug on them and they don’t seem to stretch out, and they look great. I can see these lasting for many years through many families. Polarn O. Pyret makes the type of clothes that are hand me downs forever.

What makes me love this brand even more:


That means girls and boys can wear the same clothes, except dresses of course.

Sounds cool for me, because if we have a son in the future I don’t have to buy completely new wardrobe for him, I can still use Sophia’s clothes. As I mentioned before Polarn.O.Pyret clothes is a great quality clothes, so you can pass to your future kids and it will still look like new.

Eco friendly Line!!!!!


 Polarn O. Pyret’s ECO collection is manufactured from 100% organic cotton. The entire supply chain has received the Nordic Swan Eco-label (“Svanenmärkt” to Swedes) an indication of its environmentally friendly manufacturing.

We are lucky to have their store in our area. Last week I took Sophia there and we got some very cute pieces.

The store is so bright and kids’ friendly, so while you do shopping, the kids can play and explore around.

Because  of Valentine’s Day coming we got the most adorable red dress with stripes there.

The stripes are really their brand bearer – you can look at their Classic Stripes in poppy and navy and know in an instant that it is Polarn O. Pyret.  The stripes were launched in 1976 at the same time as the reintroduced brand itself.  They were designed meticulously by two well-known Swedish textile designers down to the millimeter – which according to the lore makes all the difference in their visual appeal.   They are now known as the “Stripy Company” as they always use stripes in their collections from their Signature Stripes to our Block Stripes to even our now equally famous Sailor Stripes.

  I and Sophia are in love with this dress:


We also got a few pieces for Sophia’s friends birthday presents.  I like to buy clothes for the kids:)

By the way, they have the warmest and the cutest winter clothes. Because Sophia skates, I always worry for her to get cold on the ice, and at the same time she doesn’t like bulky, heavy clothes. Polarn.O.Pyret makes great warm outfits that keep your kids warm and comfortable:


1. Softy Pile Fleece Hoodie.


2. Merino Wool Long Jones.


3. Best Basic Merino Wool Top.


You can find them on line:

Polarn.O.Pyret online store

KZ_Polarn O. Pyret_press_15

 By the way they have Last Call Winter Sale now up to 70% off and extra 20% off for all the sale items)DON’T MISS IT!!!





Matching Girls.

I adore the idea of matching couples, families, siblings etc. It always looks pretty and super cute in any age.

It’s really not so hard to make it match with somebody who is close to you. You can wear the same styles or colors with your spouse ( denim style, striped shirts style, polo style etc.)

I love to find matching outfits for me and my daughter. I started doing it pretty early, when she was a baby.

I found the same polo shirt for me and polo dress for her, and it looked super cute.

Now, when she is older it’s even easier to dress the same outfits.

The most simple is to wear the same color jeans and shirts, or denim jackets and skirts.

The other option is to search on line and find matching lines for mommy and daughter, daddy and son etc. I personally found an amazing girl on Instagram, who makes custom made skirts and dresses for moms and their kids. You can easily find these talented people on Instagram or Etsy, who will be happy to make special outfits for your family.


The regular stores. I found it easy to find matching outfits in Zara and H&M. By the way, H&M finally sells on line, so now you can just order their clothes from internet. YAHOOO!!!! One month ago, I found few cute matching outfits for me and Sophia in Zara on sale, and now she asks me to wear the same clothes every single day, even if we don’t have it:)


Also the other way to be matched is shoes. There are so many similar styles, like UGGS, converse shoes, flip flops, in the same color. There are also some brands like SupergaCientaToms who makes the same shoes for adults and kids.

Matching with hair styles, if your hair lets you is easy too. Mommy and daughter with high pony tails, or with the same headbands etc.

It’s not really so hard to match with your lovely ones sometimes, you just need to be creative.

Girly Stuff

I guess we are all still kids inside, because even the times fly, you get older, you kids grow, you are the same as 10 years ago, maybe not exactly the same, but you still feels like 20 years old young girl wearing short skirt and high heels. I wish we could stay in 20ties forever. No commitments, no problems (accept the one, why he doesn’t call me, or what should I wear for my date tonight), no headache the next morning after the party.

But today it’s all about my daughter. I still feel like a little girl with her.

First of all I am happy to be a mom for this pretty girl. It’s not like I wouldn’t be happy to have a son, but everyone who has a girl will understand me. She is my little doll, in the past they were toy dolls and now this doll is real, and I am her mom.

I remember all those dolls from my childhood. We were all into it. Dressing them up, taking them everywhere, putting them to bed, feeding them, doing their haircuts, and realizing later that their hair wouldn’t grow anymore.  We even had the contests and fashion shows for our Barbie dolls. My Barbie was on the third place, it made me so upset at that time.
But still from those time, and now in real life I love fashion, clothes, dressing up etc. My girl lets me to enjoy these moments with her, picking her clothes, dressing her up, making her hair.

Girls today has more clothes than ever and sometimes it makes me sad, because Sophia doesn’t have time to wear everything, and some of her clothes stays in the closet with no touch at all. They grow so fast (my girl just grew for the last week, from her dresses, shoes, and pj), and at that moment you start realising the life is moving, it never stops, it’s just us adults don’t see it sometimes.
Back to clothes. My passion for dressing up definetely moves to my daughter, because she likes clothes, shoes, accessories,  ruffles, sparkles and of course pink color. To tell you the truth I am not a big fan of pink and ruffles, and try to avoid it in her clothes but sometimes you just give up and let her wear the pink sparkly ruffle skirt with bright pink rain boots.

Our favorite pieces of clothes are cardigans and dresses. I just love boys and girls in different types of cardigans and always try to find something interesting for Sophia.  As typical girls we both love dresses, different styles of course, because she is only 2, and I won’t let her wear pink ruffles every day, but the pretty stylish dress makes every girl beautiful and happy.

There are some of Sophia’s looks that I really like