Green Moon Art Studio For Kids.

I mentioned before that our daughter, Sophia attends local art classes, and today I want to share with you our experience with this SPECIAL place.

Green Moon is a special place for children to grow and learn. At Green Moon, children from 18 months to 12 years can enjoy the exploration of art.

This place was Sophia’s first drop in experience, and I am so glad we made this choice!!!


She started her Art Classes when she turned 2, and before that she wasn’t actually stayed without me at any place for more than 10 min. I was nervous leaving her alone for 45 minutes alone in a new place.

Because this place is SPECIAL in many ways, me, as a mother and Sophia loved it from the first sight:

1. The owners and all the teachers are friendly and nice. Children adore them!!!! I remember Sophia kept talking about Miss Gabby few months ago. I didn’t know who she is, but the only person she mentioned in her games, was Miss Gabby. Later, I found out, Miss Gabby is her lovely teacher from Green Moon.

2. During their Art Classes kids always do different kinds of activities including sensory play which is so important in this age.

3. Their project’s ideas never end. At the end of every semester I am waiting for my daughter’s art works, because I can really call them ART WORKS!!!!! I am proud of my 3 years old daughter who easily can decorate walls with her projects in our home. Thank you to GREEN MOON.


4. The studio has been recently renovated, and now parents can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while waiting for their kids in the studio.


5. Decor!!!!! I love, love, love everything that is in Green Moon: colors, little details for special themes etc. This place has the special Art atmosphere!!!!




6. Every holiday they have special drop in programs, and if you don’t attend their classes regularly, you can just have fun joining their special events.



100418047. They sell their own art supplies now too!!!!! Isn’t it cool to get some special art projects made in the local art studio for you little ones, or for a present ? I am so into supporting the local vendors and organizations, and knowing Green Moon’s  art supplies are: safe for your kids, unique, special; make me happy that Sophia has this great opportunity to have her art journey with Green Moon.



If you are interested into their art projects, you can buy them from their Art Studio, or even better ORDER them ONLINE!!!!

All their products has the list of ingredients, and this way you can make sure your kids will use safe, fun art supplies.

Puppet Art Set



Rainbow Dough Set.


They also have: Bird House art set, Non toxic paints, Make your own Frame set, beads art sets etc.

One of my favorite ones ” Build your own Art Set”. You pick your own art supplies for your projects in their Studio:



The Studio has different types of classes, summer camp( which we attended last summer), private events and birthday parties. Here is the full list of their services.

You can also find them following these links:

Green Moon Website

Green Moon Facebook

Green Moon Instagram

Thank you Green Moon to make my daughter loves art in a special way!!!!!!

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