Christmas Ornaments.


Few years ago one of my friend taught me how to make Christmas ornaments. Sophia was a baby at that time, and she wasn’t involved into the process.

I couldn’t wait to do it with her, and this year she is old enough to help me, or make her owns.

We decided to make picture ornaments  for her friends.

I founded some pictures, printed them out.

We got wooden ornaments, paints, modpodge, paint brushes.


I worked with the paint most of the times, sometimes Sophia helped me.

She enjoyed doing modpodge, and picked the pictures later.


We let them dry for a few hours.

This is a great holiday activity to do with your kids.



Yesterday, we also got together with our playgroup and had a little celebration of coming holidays.

The host mom organized this cool ornament decoration for us, which we really enjoyed.


Roella Thank you again for hosting Christmas playmate. We really had a great time!!!!

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