October 2013 in Pictures.

October was full of Birthday Parties and special days for us.

We have been to so many great places last month:

1. Fall Fair at Sophia’s Preschool where we had a picnic and had a chance to buy interesting kids books ( about ballet of course)


2. Birthday Parties. We had a blast at every single one, and enjoyed all of them:

68969373. Wedding. Sophia has been to her first wedding last month. We had a great time and stayed by the end of the party:

68970344. Halloween Celebration. Our Halloween Party, Decorating Pumpkins in Art Studio and Trick Or Treat.


68975145. Renovation of our kitchen table. I sanded and stained our kitchen table and made it look like new in 2 days.


6. My mom came to visit us. It was her first time in the USA. We were super excited to see each other:


Last month left tons of the sweetest memories for a long long time.

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