Fall in Colors. Part 2.

This fall is really magic. We have been to so many interesting places and it’s not even the end yet.

Sophia was invited to a Birthday Party in Nature Center few weeks ago.

The Birthday was different from the ones we have been before. The kids met three real animals ( they even had a chance to pet some), after that we had a wonderful walk in the woods and explore plants and creatures there. After the walk the kids had a healthy delicious lunch with mini sandwiches, fruits and cupcakes.




I would like to mention New Canaan Nature Center where the birthday party was.

The New Canaan Nature Center (40 acres or 16 hectares) is a botanical garden, arboretum and nature preserve.

The nature center includes wet and dry meadows, two ponds, wet and dry woodlands, dense thickets, an old orchard, and a cattail marsh, as well as a 4,000-square-foot (370 m2)greenhouse.

New Canaan Nature Center features many nature programs throughout the year, including the Fall Fair every October, and maple sugaring celebrations in early spring.

This place is great for making pictures, so me and my friend took our kids to Nature Center to make some pretty fall pictures.


I even found the picture from the last year by the same tree:


This place is really amazing because it shows the kids how to enjoy the nature, have fun outside and protect their world.



Our kids had a lot of fun in the bushes maze.


It feels like it’s becoming one of our favorite play area so far, and I am glad that our daughter likes and respects the nature.

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