Halloween 2013.

We already started celebrating Halloween in our house. Our playgroup has a tradition to get the kids together for every holiday and celebrate them.

Halloween is next week, but because of everybody’s busy schedule we planned our Halloween Party this week.

I like to be creative, that’s why I am not a big fan of store bought costumes. My daughter wanted to be Cinderella ( her favorite princess so far), so I had a task to make Cinderella costume for her.

For her costume I used the same method, as I mentioned before when I made her tutu skirt. This time I just needed to make a dress, so I got Crochet Headband 8″ on Ebay, and used it as a top and blue tulle for the bottom. It took me one hour to make this dress.

We also head a blue headband which worked great instead of a crown. I got her high-heels Cinderella shoes at Target too.


It’s so easy to go with any princess costume, because you also can add some accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, and you princess will be the pretties one.



To keep kids busy I got some art supplies for them at Michael’s and they enjoyed painting their Halloween masks:




For the healthy treats I found great ideas on Pinterest and made healthy snack for our little ones:



I used clementines for little pumpkins and bananas and raisins for the little ghosts. It was a cute healthy party treat.

I also got Annie’s Halloween Bunny Grahams, which are organic and I will definitely use them for Trick or Treat.


For decorations we also picked a little pumpkin house at Michael’s. My daughter keeps it in her room now:


I guess we made a great party for our kids because they really had fun, played nicely and let us (moms) relax for a little bit.

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