My daughter is old enough to start a preschool. YAHOO!!!!

When she started it last week, I guess I was more excited than her. Freedom for 3 hours twice a week? This sounded unreal for me.

In reality it looks a little different. I still have errands to run, go to the gym, parents meetings etc. There is always something, and times really flies, so the freedom doesn’t look like it sounds.

Anyway, even I was excited to send her to preschool, I felt so lonely: my little girl is not with me anymore. This is the first step to send my little girl to the world all by herself. Will she handle it? Is she going to be ok? Who will protect her? All these questions came to me at once, after I dropped her to school the first morning.

It turned out really good. There are only 12 kids in the class with 3 teachers. Sophia loves everything about the school: playground, playing time inside, snack, reading corner, art center.

She never cried. The teacher picks the kids up from the car in the morning, and I guess this method helped a lot, because the kids don’t really have time to get upset, they just say “Bye”, and go to the playground to play with the other kids. There is no “never ends” ” goodbye time”, you just watch your kid leaving, not your kid is watching you leaving.

I am happy as a parent too. The teachers are great. The school is oriented in healthy life. They even have their own little garden outside, and the kids participate in it.


The kids spend a lot of time outside.

Because, I don’t let my daughter eat any GMOs snacks, she has her own snack at school and I am really happy with it.

I feel responsible for her health, and do everything to teach her what to eat, what is good for her and what is not. I started explaining her recently, why some particular foods are not good for you.  She needs to be ready in the future to make the healthy choices, while I am not with her.

The other rule suprised me and made me happy at the same time: No Birthday Celebrations, and Birthday Treats at school. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday by visiting school and read your kid’s favorite book or play her favorite game with the class, but nothing else.

Yes, I am not a fan of cupcakes and cakes loaded with tons of sugar and unreal color frostings, and nowadays we have kids with different types of food allergies., so I guess this rule is very smart. I wish all the schools had the rules like this.

I can’t believe that our daughter is almost 3 years old and she goes to preschool now.

I still feel like I am 18 years old.


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