Kids Felt Board.

I have been working on this project for the last couple of weeks.

First I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make it for Sophia. Her imagination is developing now and Felt Board is the perfect thing to help to develop kids’ imagination.

You don’t need a lot of tools to make the felt board. Just get some canvas( I got mine at Michaels’ and their canvases are 60% off), staple gun different colors of felt, felt glue and you are ready to go.

I picked Sophia’s favorite things for ideas: castle, school bus, kids, pond with the ducks, house, Cinderella carriage etc.



If you want to make any animals, just find the prints of animals on line, and print them out,trace on the felt, cut them out, and you have felt animals.

Here are some prints that I used:



You can do the same with people and other things.

There are so many ways to use the Felt Board with your kids:

1. Teach your kids colors( make flowers or cars of different colors)

2. Teach your kids count( make sheep, fish to count)

3. Teach your kids alphabet and numbers ( make alphabet letters and numbers)

4. Teach the seasons and time.

5. Learn the rhymes.

6. Teach to make up the stories.

You can make different packages of felt board games and use every single one the other day.

I also used some of these ideas for our board.


I kept it as a secret for Sophia and when she saw it for the first time she was in shock:) She didn’t expect to see all her favorite things on one board.

She is getting an idea of having it in her room now, and learning how to play with it.



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