Spark Box Toys. Review.

Kids have too many toys today. I guess many parents may agree with me. Kids ask for toys, you buy them. They play for 5 minutes, and forget about it immediately. Your house is full of toys and games, and you don’t know what to do with them: donate, give away, sell, keep for younger kids?

Our house isn’t big enough to keep all the toys, and every year there will be more and more. I am trying to get rid of some of them, but still we have a lot.

Around month ago I was searching on line and found SPARK BOX TOYS. This is the saver for parents, kids, your budget, time, and home space!!!!!

What is Spark Box Toys?

This is the monthly subscription for renting toys for your kids.

How It Works

They send you 4 high quality educational toys in every box. Personalized for your child’s development. When you are done. Simply send them back for more. Shipping is always FREE.


Every Spark Box is designed by education experts to promote learning and development in your child

2.Safe & Clean

Every Spark Box toy is rigorously examined, cleaned and sanitized through a 5-Step process

3.Unbeatable Value

Each Spark Box is worth $120 on average. You pay as little as $24 every month.

They have different plans to choose:

1 box every 8 weeks-23.95$

1 box every 6 weeks-28.95$

1 box every 4 weeks- 35.95$

The age group is from 6 months till 4 years old.

The brands of the toys are: Plan Toys, Leap Frog, Brainy Baby, Fat Brain Toys, Alex, Tolo Toys, Geomag, Sevi, Guidecraft, Around Square, InnovativeKids, P’kolino, Mellisa&Doug, Tegu, Manhattan Toy Company etc.

You go on line, fill the information about your kid, pick the plan, and after that you get the option picking the toys. You can see the toys you have already, but you may change it, and pick the other ones.

So when I saw this Box, I decided to try the 6 weeks plan. I ordered 4 toys for my daughter, and got the box in 3 days.

What you get in the box?

4 picked clean toys. Everything was clean and packed in plastic. They looked like new.

Product Card for your Toys. The full description of every toy and ideas for using it during the play.

Mesh bag for toy pieces. This is cool. When you go somewhere, you can pack the toy with you and play with it anywhere.

Return label for returning the toys.

If you picked electronic toys, you get batteries for them.

We had the chance to play with these toys:

Beginner Pattern Blocks. by Melissa & Doug.

My daughter loved it.

Eggspressions. by Hape.


This is a good toy, but I guess it works better for older kids. Sophia doesn’t get the idea of emotions yet.

Fun Farm. by Hape


This wooden maze puzzle was one of Sophia’s favorite.

Screw blocks. by Guidecraft.

 Sophia loved this toy. She pretended fixing everything and liked the idea being like her dad.

I didn’t give her all the toys at once. We made some schedule, and every week she got a new one as a surprise, and I put the others away.

As I mentioned before, everything was clean and looked like new.

I really love the idea of renting toys. I can’t wait to get our second box.

I wish I knew about it earlier. I hope in the future  we will be able to order the toys for older kids too.

If you want to try SparkBoxToys, I have a surprise for you. You can save 10$ for your first order. Just use the code “LIDIYA” when checking out.

I will definitely share my experience with the future SparkBox Toys.

Stay tuned!!!!

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