San Francisco. Part2

Where to go? What to see?

Because we were with the toddler, who was 1,5 at that moment we had to plan what we will do and see there.

If you have a prewalking baby with you, it’s so much easier, you can just put the baby in the carrier or a stroller and explore the city, but when your toddler is 1,5 and wants to explore everything around with you, running without looking and picking up every single piece from the ground, you should be prepared for this kind of trip.

First of all we decided to visit San Francisco ZOO.


Huge place, with a lot of animals, activities and places to see. It’s a great place to take your kids to, and you probably will spent half of the day there. What saved us?

Toddler walking leash.


It really helped us a lot. At that time our daughter didn’t want to sit in a stroller even for a minute. It made everyone happy and we explored the zoo and had a lot of fun together.
A little advice is to have a hat and a jacket for your little ones, because there is an ocean next to the zoo, which makes it chilly and windy around.



Great place to visit with your kids too. They have an aquarium there, a lot of different little stores, and restaurants, carousel, and sea lions close to see. We love their street performances. There were so many other things to see like Musical Stairs, Infinite Mirror Maze etc., but you can’t really do everything at once, especially with a toddler.

Golden Gate Park.


I wish we went there at our first days but we left it to the end. It is a HUGE park with different attractions: aquarium, carousel, playgrounds, conservatory of flowers, california academy of science etc. We had a chance just walk around and visit The Japanese Tea Garden. I wish we had more time to explore it. It is a great family place and next time we will definetely put it in our MUST SEE list.

Golden Gate Bridge.


This bridge is worth to see. We walked there, leaving our car on the parking lot. Sophia probably doesn’t remember it already. This place is enormous and huge. It’s a shame to be in SF and don’t have a chance to walk on this beautiful tremendous bridge. It’s also chilly and windy there, make sure you have some hats and sweaters for your little ones.



We really wanted to see this place. We booked our tickets in advance. It made our trip there with no problems or waiting lists. It’s almost impossible to buy the ticket at the day of your visit or for the next few days.
They have a tour guy at the island who you can follow, or just grab an audio tour and walk around by yourself. We didn’t follow the tour guy, and tried to listen our audio tour chasing our daughter around the prison. I wouldn’t recomend to go there with the toddler. It is impossible to watch your little one and see the place, I mean you can see the place, but not learn anything about it.

San Francisco cable car.


The little cable car which will take you through the downtown of San Francisco. Yes, yes, yes definitely is worth to try. Kids love it!!! Sometimes it gets to packed by the end. There is no line to get on, but when you are coming back you will need to wait at least for 15min. Just be ready for it. They also have the Cable car museum there. We didn’t visit it.

The Beach.


There are a lot of beaches in SF, and to tell you the truth I don’t really know which one we picked. We just drove by and stopped at its parking lot. It is the other fun part for the kids and family. The water is pretty cold in the ocean, but you can run around, play with the sand, meet interesting people, have a picnic and just have fun.

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