San Francisco. Part 1

Our trip was more than a year ago, but I would like to share some tips and places where to go, and what to see.

This is the best healthy food place in US. I would be the happiest person moving there. Local farmers markets, organic restaurants, the best bakeries, the food that tastes completely different from our North part of the country.

My first part is about FOOD.

We stayed in the rented 1 bedroom apartment, 5 minutes walking from the Twin Peaks, that means we shouldn’t go out to eat all the time, and have the chance to explore their local grocery stores.

There are Whole Foods markets everywhere, in every part of the city, so it was easy to find something to eat. Besides the regular groceries, we also bought some sushi, soup, and sandwiches there sometimes.

Image 4Image 5

Their variety of fish amazed me. Local wild ocean fish, which I couldn’t resist buying and making for dinner.

It was a tiny grocery store next to our apartment that carried just simple kinds of food. It saved us the first night from dying hungry:), because it was the easiest thing just go there, and made the simple salad, omelet and sandwiches with the super delicious avocados and local crispy bread.


La Boulange de Cole.

This was the only one that we tried there. Why? Because it is the best bakery ever. It was 10 minutes walking from our place. They have the best pastries and macaroons, a huge choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, and my favorite organic tea Mighty Leaf. I wish we had this place in our area here, but unfortunately it is only in San Francisco.


Organic Cafe.


There are a few of them in San Francisco. We went to the one in Marina area.

Great choices of healthy organic food. I was happy with the kids menu, and ordered oven baked chicken tenders with steamed brocolli for my daughter. Their healthy shakes are super delicious. I personally had the almond milk banana one and it was a hit. Soups, sandwiches, salads are just great. Recommend this place to everyone.  When you travel with kids it hard to find some healthy choices for them.

Farmer Markets.

The most popular Farmer Market in San Francisco. You just need to plan ahead your trip there. It works only 3 times per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The best day to visit is Saturday with tons of vendors and unbelievable delicious food.

Definitely recommend to try their popular lox sandwiches and the most delicious coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. The local honey, fresh fruits, nuts and so many other things will stay in your memories for a long time.


We also had some bad experience with two restaurants that I would not recommend: Rue Saint Jacques( The french restaurant), and Barracuda( japanese restaurant). I decided to save some money and bought two Groupon deals for these places, and it turned out we paid much more than anywhere else, with terrible service and horrible food. No more Groupon deals on vacation ever.

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