Natural Beauty Products.

Today I want to talk about one of the most favorite topic for all the women: Beauty. Body care. Skin care. Hair care. As you already see I am the person who is trying to use the least toxic products. I never stop looking for the new natural lines of skin care, body care, baby care etc., because those products really make the HUGE difference in your appearance, your health, energy, feelings.
There are a lot of brands who are making the eco friendly products, or trying to make them and sell them as the ones, and some of them I truly enjoy, but today I would like to talk about one of the Russian Organic Cosmetic Brand, that probably is unknown in US. NATURA SIBERICA.
Andrey Trubnikov founded Natura Siberica in 2009 in Moscow—but its indirect beginnings actually date back to the 1940s in Siberia. That’s when two Russian botanists named Lazarev and Brekhram investigated 4,000 plants indigenous to Siberia’s volatile climate—many of which had been used by Siberians to create beauty elixirs for the Russian royal family throughout history.

Some of these unique plants actually survived the Ice Age by adapting to and thriving in the most severe conditions. As a result, the botanists discovered that these plants possess rare qualities that help to enhance our general well being and slow the skin’s own aging process.

Today, Natura Siberica offers a comprehensive health and beauty collection made with these same wild-harvested Siberian herbs. In addition to a whopping 22 different herbs, the luxuriously effective face and body products are formulated with exclusive bases (including Siberian pine oil and sea-buckthorn) to enhance the active ingredients in each product. To boot, they are all certified as organic by the ICEA, Italy’s main natural and organic certification organization.

Rare, unique and results-oriented, Natura Siberica has turned a Siberian beauty secret into a natural skincare sensation. You can easily buy this cosmetic through the internet.

Hair care.

I used to have a lot of problems with my hair. After the pregnancy I lost TONS of hair, it became super dry and looked unhealthy. I made a few efforts to save it, but nothing really helped( used coconut oil, grapeseed oil, burdock oil etc.) I also tried Lush products, Giovanni, Dessert Essence, and didn’s see any change. And then one day I just ordered Natura Siberica shampoo and conditioner and decided to give it a try.

NATURAL & ORGANIC Hair Shampoo “Volume & Care” for All Hair Types with Pinus Pumila, Lungwort, Organic Herb Extracts 400 ml (Natura Siberica)

And it has been a year already since I started using it. I am in love with the hair series, it healed my hair and made it look pretty and healthy.

So after using their hair line, I decided to try the skin line too. Why I made this choice? Because this cometic is 95% organic, with afordable prices and great results.

Skin Care.

I have been using a few things recently:

ACTIVE ORGANICS – Light Day Cream “Moistening & Protection” Based on Organic Lavender Water, Apricot, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Proteins, Vitamin E, 50ml (Natura Siberica)

Works great for me. The texture is very light, makes my skin soft and glowing.

Night Face Cream “Nutrition and Regeneration” with Oils and Organic Extracts 50ml

Adds the perfect combination for the day cream. These two creams are my MUST HAVES now!!!!!

ACTIVE ORGANICS – Living Vitamins for Hair and Body – Instant Moisturizing 125 ml (Natura Siberica)

This spray makes my day. It easily moisturizes my skin and gives it a pleasant unbelievable smell and glow. You can use it all day long, specially in summer. Just put it in your bag and use it anytime, to look fresh and beautiful.

NATURAL & ORGANIC Enriched Face Tonic “Anti-Age” with Ginseng, Meadowsweet, Amaranth and Organic Herb Extracts 200 ml (Natura Siberica)

I use this tonic every night and every morning to clean my skin. Works great, effectively cleans my skin and makes it look fresh.

I guess I am going to explore and try more products from Natura Siberica but for now I am so happy to finally find the perfect organic afordable cosmetic for myself.

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