Matching Girls.

I adore the idea of matching couples, families, siblings etc. It always looks pretty and super cute in any age.

It’s really not so hard to make it match with somebody who is close to you. You can wear the same styles or colors with your spouse ( denim style, striped shirts style, polo style etc.)

I love to find matching outfits for me and my daughter. I started doing it pretty early, when she was a baby.

I found the same polo shirt for me and polo dress for her, and it looked super cute.

Now, when she is older it’s even easier to dress the same outfits.

The most simple is to wear the same color jeans and shirts, or denim jackets and skirts.

The other option is to search on line and find matching lines for mommy and daughter, daddy and son etc. I personally found an amazing girl on Instagram, who makes custom made skirts and dresses for moms and their kids. You can easily find these talented people on Instagram or Etsy, who will be happy to make special outfits for your family.


The regular stores. I found it easy to find matching outfits in Zara and H&M. By the way, H&M finally sells on line, so now you can just order their clothes from internet. YAHOOO!!!! One month ago, I found few cute matching outfits for me and Sophia in Zara on sale, and now she asks me to wear the same clothes every single day, even if we don’t have it:)


Also the other way to be matched is shoes. There are so many similar styles, like UGGS, converse shoes, flip flops, in the same color. There are also some brands like SupergaCientaToms who makes the same shoes for adults and kids.

Matching with hair styles, if your hair lets you is easy too. Mommy and daughter with high pony tails, or with the same headbands etc.

It’s not really so hard to match with your lovely ones sometimes, you just need to be creative.

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