Girly Stuff

I guess we are all still kids inside, because even the times fly, you get older, you kids grow, you are the same as 10 years ago, maybe not exactly the same, but you still feels like 20 years old young girl wearing short skirt and high heels. I wish we could stay in 20ties forever. No commitments, no problems (accept the one, why he doesn’t call me, or what should I wear for my date tonight), no headache the next morning after the party.

But today it’s all about my daughter. I still feel like a little girl with her.

First of all I am happy to be a mom for this pretty girl. It’s not like I wouldn’t be happy to have a son, but everyone who has a girl will understand me. She is my little doll, in the past they were toy dolls and now this doll is real, and I am her mom.

I remember all those dolls from my childhood. We were all into it. Dressing them up, taking them everywhere, putting them to bed, feeding them, doing their haircuts, and realizing later that their hair wouldn’t grow anymore.  We even had the contests and fashion shows for our Barbie dolls. My Barbie was on the third place, it made me so upset at that time.
But still from those time, and now in real life I love fashion, clothes, dressing up etc. My girl lets me to enjoy these moments with her, picking her clothes, dressing her up, making her hair.

Girls today has more clothes than ever and sometimes it makes me sad, because Sophia doesn’t have time to wear everything, and some of her clothes stays in the closet with no touch at all. They grow so fast (my girl just grew for the last week, from her dresses, shoes, and pj), and at that moment you start realising the life is moving, it never stops, it’s just us adults don’t see it sometimes.
Back to clothes. My passion for dressing up definetely moves to my daughter, because she likes clothes, shoes, accessories,  ruffles, sparkles and of course pink color. To tell you the truth I am not a big fan of pink and ruffles, and try to avoid it in her clothes but sometimes you just give up and let her wear the pink sparkly ruffle skirt with bright pink rain boots.

Our favorite pieces of clothes are cardigans and dresses. I just love boys and girls in different types of cardigans and always try to find something interesting for Sophia.  As typical girls we both love dresses, different styles of course, because she is only 2, and I won’t let her wear pink ruffles every day, but the pretty stylish dress makes every girl beautiful and happy.

There are some of Sophia’s looks that I really like



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