Ebooks borrowing

Few weeks ago I found out that you can borrow ebooks from your local library now. It is an amazing thing,because you don’t need to go to the library to pick the book and you don’t need to go back to return it. The best thing, when you book expires, they just take it back from your account, and you don’t have to remember the return date of it.

For doing it you suppose to have a library card and download OverDrive from Apple Store. After the application is loaded you just go on line, to your local library site, borrow the book and enjoy reading it on your computer, iphone or ipad.

They have the newest books available which is not always possible for the paper ones, and you can read it anywhere. Perfect for busy people, because it is not easy to find time to sit and read a book sometimes, but having the book available on you device, let you read it anytime.

Some libraries also have the direction how to use the ebooks borrowing for different types of devices, so it’s very easy and convenient.
I personally like to read paper books, but with lack of time, this thing saves my life.

I will be able to find time to read books again now.

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